Welcome to Glitterheim
Winter season: March 25th - April 24th
Foto: Jasemin Folvik

At 1400 m elevation, Glitterheim has the heights of the Jotunheimen at its door. Peaks like Glittertind, Nautgardstind, Memurutind and Trollsteineggen are goals for summit enthusiasts collecting two-thousanders. In summer, guiding for hikers is offered on the Veo Glacier, with optional guiding to the summits.

With a summit elevation of 2452 m, Glittertind is the second highest peak in Norway, just 17 m lower than Galdhøpiggen (2469 m) about 12 km to the southwest. But with its ice cap, it's actually three metres higher.

Glitterheim Foto: Sverre A. Larssen

From Glitterheim, there's a nature trail with features for children and adults, including details on plants, animals, traditions and early settlements in the area. Though Glitterheim is high in Alpine terrain, the area around the lodge is lush and green. Here there are bilberry bushes and cowberry bushes, and there's rhubarb along the south wall of the lodge.

Facilities: Glitterheim has 137 bunks, in two-bunk and four-bunk rooms, a larger room and a dormitory. All bunks have duvets and pillows with covers. Please use your own hut sack. You can also put the duvet aside and sleep in your own sleeping bag. Hut sacks and bedclothes also are available for rent at the reception desk.

In the main building, there's hot and cold water, and the lodge has a diesel generator (220 VAC). Nonetheless, it's wise to have a torch in your pack, because the generator is turned off around 23.00 in the evening. The dormitory building has toilets, showers and a drying room.

Extended stays of two days or more may be booked directly at the lodge in season or by contacting the hosts in off season. In summer, upon booking with the warden, baggage can be transported from the road barrier at the carpark at the National Park border, eight kilometres from the lodge. The hike from the barrier to the lodge takes about an hour and a half, or even less for guests who bring along bicycles. Otherwise, it's an interesting tour for adults and children alike, with much to see and many places to stop along the way.

Local food is part of the experience

The lodge serves local cuisine, based on local ingredients and traditions or on foods supplied by local vendors. DNT works with the Ministry of Agriculture and Food to promote local cuisines and traditions at the staffed lodges.

Access: In summer, there's a regular train and bus connection via Otta to Randsverk and a bus via Fagernes to Randsverk. By car, drive on National Road 51 to Randsverk and the carpark at the National Park road barrier.

At Easter time, DNT offers charter bus service from Oslo to Veoli and Gjendesheim. By car, you can drive via Heidalen to Veoli. National Road 51 from the south, over the Valdresflya plateau, is closed in winter. From Veoli, there's a 25 km staked route to the lodge. Tracked vehicle person and baggage transport from Veoli is available on Wednesdays and Saturdays; book in advance with the warden.

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